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Welcome to the 2023 Artisan Flave Awards!

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The following is a list of categories that The Artisan Flave Awards plans on featuring this coming year.

These are not set in stone and are subject to be modified. Please do not let that deter you from your interest in the contest! We are open to category change suggestions. Take a look at what we are looking for this year, again welcome to the 2023 Artisan Flave Awards!

- Brewed Coffee/Tea
- Juice
- Soda
- Mixers
- Kombucha

- Chutney/Relish
- Ketchup
- Mustard
- Mayo
- Salad Dressing
- Dip
- Pesto
- Pickled Veggie

- Chocolate
- Soft of Hard Candy
- Toffee or Caramel

- Cured Meat/Jerky

Oils & Vinegars
- All Varietals


- Herb Blend
- Rubs
- Salts
- Spice Blend


- Salty
- Crunchy

- Granola
- Sweet

- Jam/Jelly
- Nut Butter
- Honey
- Syrup

- Grilling 
- Fruit
- Ethnic
- Marinade

- Spicy Sauce
- Pasta Sauce
- Salsa

PLEASE NOTE: If entries are not shelf stable please reach out and we can refrigerate upon arrival.

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